A Zebra G calligraphy nib on a white paper background. High quality calligraphy supplies for sale at Feather Park Lettering

Zebra G Calligraphy Nib

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The Zebra G nib is great for beginners. It is a high-quality nib that is similar bur more flexible than the Nikko G nib. It creates fine hairlines and is flexible enough to create perfect thick strokes, too. These nibs are designed to be used with a nib holder and will fit in all Feather Park holders. Chrome plated, smooth and long lasting. Made in Japan.

**New nibs are coated with a layer of oil that needs to be removed before use. There are many ways to “prep” your new nib to get it ready to use. The easiest way is to scrub it with a bit of dish soap for 30 seconds or so, rinse well and dry it completely. Nib holder sold separately.