"Orchid" Oblique Calligraphy Pen

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Brass (Gold)
Silver (Silver Nickel)
Rose Gold (Copper)

Swirls of clear and orchid purple-pink resin combine in this bright, fun oblique nib holder.

This handmade resin oblique calligraphy pen is turned by hand and lovingly and carefully detailed and finished. Each pen is unique and slightly different, making your pen a one of a kind creation.

The pen is approximately 5″ long and the grip is approximately 1/2″ in diameter.

This pen includes a Zebra G nib.

*Pen holder is shown with brass gold flange for demonstration purposes, you can choose whether you'd like your flange to be Copper (Rose gold), Brass (Gold) or Silver-Nickel (Silver).

*Props shown in photos are not included.