"Cholla Sparkle" Oblique Calligraphy Pen Holder

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Brass (Gold)
Silver (Silver Nickel)
Rose Gold (Copper)

October's Limited Edition is here! "Cholla Sparkle" combines peach colored resin with lots of sparkle and unique Cholla cactus 'wood' for a fun and unique oblique pen holder.

Each pen is unique and slightly different, making your pen a one of a kind creation. The pen is approximately 5″ long and the grip is approximately 1/2″ in diameter. This pen includes a Zebra G nib.

*Pen holder is shown with brass flange for demonstration purposes, you can choose whether you'd like your flange to be Copper (Rose gold), Brass (Gold) or Silver-Nickel (Silver). 

*Props shown in photos are not included.