Calligraphy Kit

Calligraphy Kit

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This kit was designed with the beginner in mind. After years of trying all sorts of ink, nibs, pens and paper, I’ve curated this kit which includes my favorite high-quality supplies. Allison from Wildwood Calligraphy & Post (@wildwoodcalligraphyandpost on Instagram) and I collaborated to create this detailed and easy-to-understand introductory guide to elegant copperplate calligraphy. It features 35 pages of information to get you started on your calligraphy journey. From nib prep and nib anatomy to practice words and alphabet examples, this guide is everything you need to start creating beautiful calligraphy today!

What’s In The Box?

~ A Handmade, Feather Park Lettering Wood Oblique Calligraphy Pen (left or right handed) with a brass flange

~ 2 Nibs (Zebra G and Hunt 22b) 

~ 2 Oz. jar of Moon Palace Sumi Ink

~ 35 Pages of Tips, Drills, Lowercase, Uppercase and Practice Words

~ 2 Pieces of High Quality Transparent Paper

~ 1 Holographic ‘Just Keep Writing’ Sticker

~ 1 “You’re a Gem” Greeting Card & Envelope