A Brause Blue Pumpkin or Steno calligraphy nib on a handmade paper background. This nib is offered for sale at Feather Park Lettering

Brause Steno "Blue Pumpkin" Nib

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The Steno nib, also known as the "Blue Pumpkin" nib is so versatile. It is a great beginner nib. It has a medium fine point that can produce good hairlines, but the high flexibility allows it to quickly transition to broad strokes. This nib is wonderful for calligraphy, drawing or everyday writing.

It's manufactured at Brause's factory in Iserlohn, Germany. These nibs are designed to be used with a nib holder and will fit in all Feather Park Lettering holders.

**New nibs are coated with a layer of oil that needs to be removed before use. There are many ways to “prep” your new nib to get it ready to use. Nib holder sold separately.