Pen of the Month - August

Pen of the Month - August "Peridot" - Oblique Calligraphy Pen - FREE US Shipping

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Brass (Gold)
Silver (Silver Nickel)
Rose Gold (Copper)

Meet the "Pen of the Month" - Peridot from my "Birthstone Collection".

This pen features the same fan-favorite signature shape of my Elemental line. When you buy the pen of the month, your shipping is FREE in the US and only $10 outside of the US!

These handmade resin oblique calligraphy pens are turned by hand and lovingly and carefully detailed and finished. Each pen is unique and slightly different, making your pen a one of a kind creation.

**Because the material used to make each pen varies slightly, the swirls and patterns in each pen will vary.**

The pen is approximately 5″ long and the grip is approximately 1/2″ in diameter. No nib is included, but I offer separate listings for the Brause Steno 361 "Blue Pumpkin" nib, Zebra G nib and the Brause EF 66.

If you would like your pen holder to be set up for right handed use, you would specify the "Right" option. If you would like your pen holder to be set up for left handed use, please specify the "Left" option. Flanges are permanently fixed, and are not removable.

*Pens are shown with a brass flange for demonstration purposes. Props shown in photos are not included. These pens are not made with actual gemstones.