The beautiful pens that you see in my shop are turned on the lathe by me. I love the process of picking out the pen blanks or hand-pouring the resin to create bespoke pens, turning them into their own unique shapes and sanding and polishing them until they are perfect and sparkling! The process of creating functional pieces of art is so much fun for me.

I rediscovered calligraphy in the middle of 2016 after dabbling with it in middle school. Calligraphy led me to discover watercolor - specifically watercolor illustration and I LOVE painting. Although I've gotten away from practicing calligraphy, I have been practicing making pens! I also love designing unique stationery for baby showers and weddings.


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When you purchase from my shop, you are supporting my small business which is essentially my life. Running Feather Park allows me to be here for my children when they need me. Every customer and every order is important to me.

I wouldn't trade the hectic schedule that comes with being a mother and an entrepreneur! I'm so grateful I get to do this everyday. Every single order means so much to me!

you mean a lot to me!


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